Welding machines are designed for manual arc welding by means of coated electrodes using direct current (MMA). They are suitable for operation at temperate climate conditions within the range of ambient temperature from minus 40°C to plus 40°C the relative humidity to 98% for the temperature of plus 25°C.

Welding machines consist of welding generator with auxiliary asynchronous generator with power of 5,5 – 15 kVA and driving engine.

Welding generator proper is brushless valve inductor generator with original design of current regulation ensuring perfect welding process and excellent formation of welding suture. No-load voltage of generator remains maximal within the full range of current control.

Auxiliary asynchronous generator, also having no brushes and rotating contacts, ensures ideal wave pattern and is suitable to power the most pretentious users of electrical power.

Machines are protected from atmospheric precipitate by metallic canopy. A version without canopy is also available.

Model Rated current, A Engine Generator Rev/min. Additional power, kVA Construction Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
SA-M-2×250 2×250 D-243.514 SG-2×250 1800 в капоте 2350х940х1400 1100
SA-M-2×250 2×250 D-243.514 SG-2×250/5.5 1800 5.5 в капоте 2350х1140х1400 1165
SA-M-2×250 4×250 D-246.4 SG-4×250 1800 15 на раме 2950x1000x1960 1560
SA-M-2×250 4×250 D-243.514 SG-2×250/5.5 1800 5.5 на раме 2950x1180x1960 1510
SA-M-2×250 4×250 D-243.514 SG-4×250 1800 на раме 2950x1000x1960 1450

Engines series D-243.514 are manufactured by Minsk Engines Factory.

By customer request, produce:

  • welding sets with other types of engines;
  • welding sets in the canopy, on the trailer.