Suspended generators series EGR with tractor drive from power take-off shaft are intended for autonomous supply of quality electric power in the field environment mainly for users working in forestry, agriculture, municipal service etc.

Generators EGR are put in motion by tractor drive through power take-off shaft. The velocity difference between power take-off shaft and generator is leveled by means of compact gearbox built in generator. Thus generator EGR consists of generator type EGR202, installed gearbox and control system. Generator is erected on compact support that is fixed at the three points of tractor mounting. Erection of generator EGR on tractor takes several minutes and does not need heavy load-carrying equipment.

Model Power 1-phase, kVA Power 3-phase, kVA Weight, kg
EGR.202.1 6 9 148
EGR.202.2 10 15 153
EGR.202.3 13 19 162
EGR.202.4 16 23 175
EGR.202.5 18 28 186
EGR.202.6 20 32 205
EGR.202.7 24 38 225
EGR.202.8 28 45 250
EGR.202.9 31 50 280

The control panel is equipped with:

  • 1- phase and 3- phase sockets;
  • voltmeter;
  • frequency meter;
  • circuit breakers;
  • 3 ammeters.

On request generators EGR may be delivered with additional welding function (version EGRW). In that case alongside with electric power output the generator has additional output for manual arc welding with welding currents up to 250 A.