Generators are intended for manual arc welding by means of coated electrodes using direct current (MMA) and power supply of 230V/50Hz. They are suitable for operation at temperate climate conditions within the range of ambient temperature from minus 40°C to plus 40°C the relative humidity to 98% for temperature of plus 25°C.

Generators SGE are brushless synchronous engines with built-in source of welding direct current (MMA) and standard power supply of 230V/50Hz. Combination of both sources in single generator improves maintenance and operation of the machine (no belts, , auxiliary generator) and significantly diminishes weight and overall dimensions. Weight of the generator SGE is three times less than the weight of generator GD with auxiliary generator.

Generator is equipped with a small controller of welding current at the place of operation with the distance up to 20m.

Generator may be delivered in single-bearing and two-bearing versions on four supports to mount on self-propelled automobile and tractor vehicles with drive from power take-off shaft or on two supports and connecting flange and clutch to match with internal combustion engine in the welding sets.

Generator SGE-400/10 was designed by modern technology using choppers that allow simultaneous supply of electric power up to 10 kVA during welding process.

Model Rated
current, A
Rev/min Power
consumption, kW
power, kVA/V
Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
SGE-400/4 400 1500 25 4/230 500x520x640 150
SGE-400/4-1 400 3000 25 4/230 450x520x660 137
SGE-250/5.5 250 3000 13 5.5/230 710x450x640 160
SG-400-1 400 3000 25 450x520x660 132
SGE-400/10 400 1500 25 10/230 540x520x840 160
SG-400 400 1800 25 442x450x525 140