Generators are designed for manual arc welding with coated electrodes by direct current (MMA). They are suitable for operation at temperate climate conditions at ambient temperature from minus 40°C to plus 40°C at relative humidity to 98%, realculated for 25°C.

Generators GD are fully brushless valve inductor synchronous machines of medium frequency with direct current output. Generator has no rotating windings and sliding contacts that alongside with absence of electronic devices ensures its reliable performance under heavy conditions of operation. High efficiency factor allows thrift fuel consumption for welding.

Original external static characteristics of the generator in combination with medium frequency provides excellent dynamic characteristics, high quality of welding process and welding suture, easy arc ignition, soft arc, good suture formation in all spatial positions, minimal „bead“ sputtering of metal during the welding process.

Generators GD are reliable equipment for professionals.

Generators are equipped with remote controller of welding current at the place of operation with the distance up to 20m.

Generators may be delivered on four supports to mount on self-propelled automobile and tractor vehicles with drive from power take-off shaft or on two supports and connecting flange and muff to match with iengine in the welding sets.

Model Rated
current, A
Rev/min Power
consumption, kW
Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
GD-314 315 2000 17 846х450х620 205
GD-4002 400 1800 25 890х462х620 225
GD-4002M 400 2000 25 530х480х645 160
GD-4003 400 3000 25 833х530х603 250
GD-5002 500 2000 30 890х462х620 230
GD-4002K* 400 1800 25 2240х1000х1300 445
GD-6002 600 2000 35 890х462х620 225

* – in the canopy for engine D-144, D-243