Electric generator sets series ES are designed for autonomous or reserve power supply of voltage 400 V and frequency 50Hz to users of electric power. The main modifications of diesel-generators are delivered with widely known engines having air or liquid cooling systems manufactured in the countries of CIS and EU that makes easy their maintenance and repair.

Electric generator sets series ES are equipped with modern electric generators series EG or BRF produced by company „Velga“ using technology of English company EEC. The generators have modern electronic control systems and durable isolation of class „H“.

Sets may be delivered on the frame, in canopy or noise protecting canopy as well as mobile on trailer. Automated versions with automation level 2 are available. On request sets come complete with start heater in order to facilitate start during cold weather.

The sets are equipped with modern control and protection system: light alarms and emergency switching-off in case of intolerable overheating and low pressure of engine oil, overload protection. Monitoring of isolation with switching-off, measurement and monitoring of current, voltage and frequency. On request automated versions with automation level 2 are available. Set modifications with control systems for parallel operation are also available.

Three – phase generating sets 400/230 V, 50 Hz , 1500 rew/min,3000 rew/min whit water cooled engines made Minsk Motor Plant , open

Model Power kVA Engine Generator Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
ESM-25 25 MMZ-3LD-09, (3000 rew/min) EG-202 1350x600x1370 425
ESM-38 38 Д-243,514 EG-202 1810x700x1550 805
ESM-50 50 Д-246-4-150 EG-202 2100x910x1550 855
ESM-75 75 Д-246-4-150 BRF 2100x910x1550 1000
ESM-125 125 Д-246-4-53 BRF 2300x910x1550 1450

Three – phase generating sets 400/230 V , 50 Hz , 1500 RPM , whit watrcooled diesel Engines made Perkins, open

Model Power kVA Engine Generator Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
ESP-13 13 403D – 15G EG-202 1260x710x1140 500
ESP-15 15 403A – 15G2 EG-202 1260x710x1140 500
ESP-20 20 404D – 22G EG-202 1360x710x1180 600
ESP-30 30 1103A – 33G EG-202 1480x750x1310 800
ESP-42 42 1103A – 33TG1 EG-202 1650x750x1340 1000
ESP-60 60 1103A – 33TG2 EG-202 1650x750x1340 1000
ESP-80 80 1104C-44TAG1 BRF 1890x740x1560 1100
ESP-100 100 1104C-44TAG2 BRF 1890x740x1560 1150
ESP-140 140 1006-TAG BRF 2210x760x1570 1550
ESP-150 150 1006A-70TAG2 BRF 2320x760x1670 1615
ESP-180 180 1106A-70TAG3 BRF 2510x820x1670 1635
ESP-200 200 1106A-70TAG4 BRF 2510x820x1670 1685
ESP-225 225 1306-E8TAG4 BRF 2650x1110x1810 2250
ESP-250 250 1306A-E8TAG5 BRF 2650x1160x1910 2300
ESP-300 300 1506A-E88TAG5 BRF 2750x1110x1860 2500
ESP-350 350 2206A-E13TAG2 BRF 2750x1170x2310 3600

By costumer request produce:

* generating sets in weather protection canopy,acoustic canopy,on the trailer;
* generating sets with other types of engines;
* generating sets with power up to 3200 kVA;