The business executive staff and scientific workers of our company welcome you and offer you their own services, believing that you will not be disappointed after acquiring our equipment.

Our company consists of a production section VELGA VILNIUS UAB and the Research and Development Department GENTRA VILNIUS UAB.

The Company is based on the three firms with almost 50-year long experience in the field of designing and manufacturing of electrical machines, namely, a UK Company EEC, the largest in Europe Vilnius Plant of Welding Equipment VELGA and the former Research and Development Institute of Welding Power Sources, subsequently J.S. Company GENTRA.

The modern plant VELGA VILNIUS UAB is located in Svencioneliai, 100 km away of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The Research and Development Department GENTRA VILNIUS UAB is located in Vilnius.

For almost half a century, the R&D GENTRA has been the only organization, involved in the creation of rotating welding machines: generators, converters and sets not only for VELGA, but also for all welding equipment plants in Russia, the Ukraine, Central Asia, and Caucasus. Many thousand kilometers of the main pipelines have been welded by using this equipment. They were also used in the development of new deposits of useful minerals, road-building, etc.

The workers of the VELGA VILNIUS UAB have a firm resolution not only to extend these traditions, but also to further improve production; they are striving to more fully satisfy your needs.

We would like to offer you a wide range of two-pole and four pole single and three-phase synchronous AC generators 50/60 Hz, for all types of drive engines; mobile generating-sets; welding generators and autonomous welding sets for one, two or four operators; welding rectifiers for MMA and MIG/MAG welding up to 500 A; also special electrical machines.

Our enterprise also produces aluminum pressure castings to customer’s requirements and manufacture electrical machines according to the customer’s own design. Our R&D Department provides consultations, services in designing and testing of electrical machines.

We wish you success in your work and hope for our mutually beneficial and fruitful cooperation.

Yours Sincerely, The workers of VELGA VILNIUS UAB